PSSCogRehab was our original computerized cognitive rehabilitation system that we first developed back in 1982. It has been updated and revised a number of times over the years. We have just completed a total rewrite of the system to bring it up to date with current computers, operating systems etc.. As a part of this huge undertaking (it took two years to remake the system) we also translated it to Spanish and Korean.

The NPO (Neuropsychonline) system is a subscription website providing web based, clinical applications for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injury, disease or anomaly of the central nervous system. This includes treatment for cognitive problems stemming from traumatic brain injury, stroke, alcohol abuse, schizophrenia, attention deficit, learning disabilities and a host of other etiologies.  

The CET (Cognitive Enhancement Therapy) system is a small subset of PSSCogRehab that we produced for two different groups of psychiatric researchers back in the early 1990s. Their research focused on the use of cognitive rehabilitation with schizophrenics to enhance response to other psychotherapy and pharmacological interventions. The 14 therapy exercises are within the areas of Memory and Problem Solving. All of these exercises are included with PSSCogRehab and are also a part of the Neuropsychonline system.  

The COM (Challenging Our Minds) system was a spin off from Neuropsychonline that we designed to be much more child friendly. It even has a cartoon character representation of Albert Einstein that provides instruction, feedback and help. This system contains less levels and less exercises than Neuropsychonline. I sometimes use this system with my more impaired patients of all ages as the feedback comes more often and is more visible than on the Neuropsychonline system. 

The CBDIonline (Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory) is the newest update of our driver's cognitive ability test. Following testing (about a 30 minute process), a full report, including the pass/fail decision, strengths and weaknesses, graphed data and visual fields map is produced, suitable for printing. Learn more about this software at.

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